Linux on Windows 10

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Hello all,

Windows 10 Anniversary Edition (SP1) comes with a subsystem for Linux Ubuntu complete with bash which can be activated via developer mode followed by enabling Linux Subsystem in Features (at least this was how it worked for the Preview release). Using commands for Linux I've gone through just about everything in the text again and it has worked fine. I've been installing various software without trouble as well.

There are a few caveats. bash cannot interact with Windows system files directory, and the home directory is obfuscated under hidden files and system directories. On the other hand, the C drive is mounted (/mnt/c) and you can manipulate files through Linux easily, so I worked in a directory within My Documents quite easily for the examples.

Thought it might be useful for people to know that they don't need necessarily need to create a virtual box or the like.

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Windows 10 bash

Thanks for the very informative update. We read about the presence of bash in windows 10, but had not yet tested it. We should add a page here discussing that option. Great to hear that things are working well for you so far! That would save a lot of hassles and work-arounds.