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Example files for use in the book and other related files.

File Description
[ Python 3.x Scripts ] Untested, but auto-converted Python 3 versions of the scripts.
[ Examples ] The example data files and scripts for the book
[ Quick Reference ] The cheat sheets / quick ref pages from the appendices. Includes a summary of common commands for regular expressions, bash shell, python, and mysql
[ CourierPCfB ] The fixed-space typeface used in this book to improve readability of similar characters in programs and terminal text
[ CrossRef Importer ] A rudimentary plug-in for the program Papers to import XML files output by the CrossRef literature database, as described in Chapter 6.
[ Extended Color Palettes ] Color palettes based on MATLAB's jet color set, but with an extended violet range. In Matlab format and in plain text for use with ODV and other programs.
[ Vector World Map ] A PDF format detailed vector world map, for use in Illustrator and other programs.
[ agrep source ] The source for the agrep program mentioned in Chapter 21. (See this tip regarding installation.
[ RPy element ] This file turns off version checking which makes the python rpy module fail with versions of R later than 2.12.0. To use, install RPy (not RPy2). Then replace the file in /Library/Python/2.6/site-packages (on OSX) with the rpy file that is compressed in this archive.